Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

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I respect your views, but I hope we don’t end up with a cashless society.

While I carry and use a lot less cash than I used to, I’m aware that I am, on a semi voluntary basis, sharing my location and other data with my bank (and others). I wouldn’t want to be in a position where this became compulsory.

But given that we still have postal orders and cheques, I think that complete cashlessness is still a long way off

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I mean a society in which those of us who don’t want to don’t have to use cash for anything, rather than people who prefer to use cash not being allowed to :slightly_smiling_face: There are still some small places, really old pubs, bus services, tram services, taxis, street food carts, and various other things that don’t accept card let alone Apple Pay and I’d like to be able to use Apple Pay at all of these places (if feasible). Not to mention all the places abroad that either don’t accept card or Apple Pay.

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Using Apple Pay, your bank does not get to see any data, what the Apple Keynote when they launched Apple Pay.

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They get the merchant data, because it is shown on my statement.

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Yeah I think it’s the other way around. Merchants don’t get to see your data (first name, last name, actual card number etc). I think the bank sees the same info.

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Merchants do see all that data you mentioned.

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With Apple Pay?

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I think a cashless society is possible without people having to share personal data. The momentum’s starting to shift now towards greater privacy - with Apple being one of the biggest advocates - & it’s possible to imagine a future where legislation (like GDPR) etc. makes that a reality.

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Looks like merchants only see the above data if Apple Pay is used on the web through Safari or through an app.

In store merchants do not see your name.

Neither an app, web or in store merchants see the actual card number either.

It’s mentioned on page 46 of the iOS security guide ( and in the About Apple Pay support doc under How secure is Apple Pay?

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Yeah, sorry I misread. I meant with a conventional card merchants see that info.

With contactless (and theoretically contacted too, if it was supported) Apple Pay, merchants wouldn’t see any of that, and even the card number would be an unique number for that specific device only, separate from the real card.

On the web, merchants see your name & billing address, but again the card number is unique to the device used to complete the transaction (so if you’re using it on a Mac but approve the transaction on an iPhone, it’s the iPhone’s card number that will be presented).


Anybody else with iPhone 8 11.4.1 beta having trouble with Apple Pay? Mine freezes on TouchID, both Monzo and HSBC Debit. Otherwise phone works fine.


Have you replaced the screen on your phone?


No. iPhone still on warranty, I’ll take by an Apple Store

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You are on beta so the first thing the Apple Store will tell you to do before they touch anything is to go to on to the current public release version

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FYI for anyone interested:

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I’m sure I saw this feature in iOS 11. I can’t find it now, though.

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It was, you could just turn off the transaction feed on the wallet app :smiley:

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I wonder where it went :thinking: