Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay


Bought a £445 train ticket with a tap of my Apple Watch today.

Commuting sucks but Apple Pay rocks :metal:


For any Monzo staff following this thread - are there plans to improve the verification process on iPad? At the moment the instructions seem in need of improvement and the whole process is quite manual, and therefore slow. First you are instructed to call a number to verify. When you do that an automated message tells you to ask through in-app help instead, then you are asked to provide a selfie showing your card. Not sure what happens next…waiting on response.

In contrast, adding and verifying the card from my high street bank for Apple Pay on iPad took about 1 minute.

Can’t remember if the process was better on iPhone since I set that up a few months ago.

(Hugh Wells) #314

Hi :wave:

The verification process does vary from account to account and I’m really sorry you did have a bad experience :disappointed: Everyone should be able to add the card to their Apple Wallet from the Settings page by tapping on the “add to wallet” button :+1: Obviously that doesn’t help so much with an iPad but it will work for your iPhone :pray:


Thanks for reply. Just looked back at the original blog post. Adding via the Monzo app looks good and now vaguely remember that’s what I used when I added my card to Apple Pay on my iPhone.

For adding to iPad, I suppose if most are going through some quick automated verification process its not really an issue if there are a few exceptions. But if most are having to go through the slow, manual process involving in-app chat it would be great if you could improve that situation.

(Hugh Wells) #316

I do understand but I’m afraid there are a quite few rules surrounding this and we have little wiggle room! :sweat_smile:

(Andre Borie) #317

Can you explain more?

(Only available in amateur ) #318

First rule of Apple Pay, you can’t talk about Apple Pay :apple: :moneybag:


How come there’s less love for Google Pay on Twitter/the website? Is it some sorta requirement of Apple to feature Apple Pay prominently? Or should I just remove my tinfoil hat? :grin:

Would be nice if the website could detect the OS through the browser and swap out for Google Pay for example :woman_shrugging:


Yeah I’d like to see.

  • Windows Pay
  • Linux Pay
  • OS/2 Pay
  • MSDOS Pay
  • etc :wink:

(Caspar) #321

Definitely this. Both get promoted regularly. You just happened to come across an Apple Pay message. Have a search, Google Pay gets promoted plenty too!

This’ll bring back memories of the ‘When is Apple Pay coming?’ thread :cry:

(Nick) #322

One of my friends looked at the Monzo website recently and said “this looks great but no Android Pay is a dealbreaker for me”.

(Peter Shillito) #323

I took a look at the Monzo home page and wow yeah, they don’t mention Google Pay at all, the first bit is just Apple Pay. Should say “mobile payments” and have both Gooble Pay and Apple Pay logos.