Pay on the go using Monzo with Apple Pay

(Jamie) #210

Woop Woop!! This is excellent news!

Now to start the process of getting my Natwest account closed down :smiley:

(Ben Talbot) #212

I thought we were done with Tuesdays :cold_sweat:

(Graham Bailey) #213

When trying to pay with Apple Watch this morning it kept rejecting. Anyone else had a similar experience

Everything is set up correctly and appearing on my phone.

(Ben Talbot) #214

Have it added on my watch but have only used it on my phone. Will get back to you tomorrow!


Used it on my watch earlier. Worked fine.

(Aj) #216

Generally Apple like to also impose some expensive transaction fees, but theres alot of negotiations that go on and implementing it can sometimes be not the nicest thing.

Case in point I had to try about 10 times to get it working the mondo app crashed a few times and the card hung on activating but after a bit of playing with it ive sorted it.

(Aj) #217

Delete the card from ur wallet, go into apple watch app on ur phone and then into wallet, remove the card and then re-add it to your watch first and then ur apple wallet on ur phone. That sorted it for me :ok_hand:

(Andre Borie) #218

Same issue here: Apple Pay declines

I’ll leave the (defective) card in Apple Pay for now to help troubleshooting if needed, but I suspect removing & adding the card back again would fix it!


That could be your problem, try the Monzo app!

(Kevin Dickinson) #221

Used it today and it worked great.

Surprised the waiter that I could pay for the meal which was over £30 using contactless!

Will definetly be using more in the future.

(Ray Singh) #222

How Exciting!! Switching back to Monzo as primary CA…Happy Days! :grinning::heart_eyes::grinning:

(Rob) #223

If you do this, I can confirm that you don’t receive the Apple Pay notification…

(Aaron) #224

If the transactions are made on the Apple Watch; they unfortunately will not appear on the phone. Each are treated as separate devices and in affect different cards; for security reasons

(JD) #225

I forgot my Monzo at home before I went to Wales for a wedding. Saw the Apple Pay announcement while away and being to set it up without the actual card was amazing, saved me from a penniless trip. :upside_down_face:


Just spent my first pounds using Apple Pay at a Paris restaurant. Worked perfectly. I had forgotten how convenient Apple Pay is.

Has anyone figured out what’s the best way to avoid double notifications? Monzo suggests to mute Wallet notifications but what will happen to my boarding pass and loyalty card notifications? Wouldn’t want to mute those!


You can turn off just the Monzo wallet notifications by turning off transaction history for your Monzo card in the wallet app.

Go to the wallet app, tap the Monzo card, tap the ‘i’ in the bottom right corner, head to transaction history and turn the toggle off.

You won’t be able to see your previous transactions in the wallet app anymore, but I find the Monzo app to be better for that anyway.


I’ll try it, thanks! Maybe this should be clearer on Monzo’s Apple Pay FAQ

(Paul Thomas ) #229

Continuing the discussion from Apple Pay AT LAST:

(fabianviktor_flatz) #230

Anybody else having problems with TFL using apple pay?

Realized I got charged more for my last trips with TFL (thanks, spending notifications from Monzo! :slight_smile: ). When I went to the TFL account I saw that my last trips where unfinished. Instead of having 1 trip with a beginning and an end I got 2 trips from beginning to unknown and from unkonw to my final destination.

One thing iI found out: even though it’s the same card, trips paid with Apple Pay are listed as separate journeys from trips paid via physical card. If you touch in with the physical card and out with apple pay it won’t count as 1 trip.

But even beyond that, I am doubting if apple pay with Monzo ever counts as 1 trip? :sweat_smile: Just wanted to check if this has happened to someone else as well?

(Andre Borie) #231

Apple Pay are listed as separate journeys from trips paid via physical card

This is expected; Apple Pay devices have their own card number - in fact even an iPhone and an Apple Watch with the same card added would have a different card number.

As far as the unfinished trips issue, it looks like the Apple Pay card changed numbers midway through your trip for some reason (Monzo doing some updates on the backend?)…