Pay my buddy in-app

(Hannah ) #1


Me and my other half are constantly transferring money to each other on Monzo, splitting the bill is a godsend!

HOWEVER, it is so annoying that I have to send it as a link, messaging or requesting in-app seems so basic but it would be so so so much easier.

That’s my pennies worth for today!

Also I looked for ages to try and see if this suggestion has already been posted so sorry if I missed it!

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Simmy) #2

Can’t you just do a bank transfer ? Once you have sent money to someone via it it will stay as a contact for next time

(Marcel Ruhf) #4

You can use Monzo’s Nearby Friends feature. You will both need to have Bluetooth enabled, as well having the Nearby Friends screen open.

(Adam Robertson) #5

Not sure why you can’t pay each other through ‘Contacts’ in the Payments tab? Surely this is what you’re asking to do?

(Hannah ) #6

Oh I know how to do all of the above! Thank you though!

What I mean is when I split a bill I have to send I to via text or messenger, then the person has to open up Monzo from the link. Whilst if I could send it within the app they can pay me straight from that push notification.

There are of course ways to pay people as all have mentioned above, sending links within the app rather than via third party apps would just be a nice touch to the UX.


I believe this will be improved in the future.

(Adam Robertson) #8

Ah, so you’re talking about payment requests being inside the app instead of via text message, is that right?