Payment split

(Jonny Parker) #1

The split function is a great idea. But I feel sharing a link via text is an outdated method of doing this. Could you follow Uber’s example and allow a split request to be sent in app by clicking on the transaction then split, then choosing which of your monzo friends you would like to split the payment with and it would be as easy as your friends receiving the pop-up in the app and clicking yes or their thumb print to accept so the whole thing can be done and calculated for you without anybody leaving the app?

(Henry Pedro) #2

but what happens if youre carrying out a payment split with a friend that doesnt have a monzo account?

(Ben Talbot) #3

Then you use

(Jonny Parker) #4

It’s a good question. I recommend using monzo me as a backup, like how the bank transfers work as a backup when sending money to friends who don’t use monzo. Would make fellow life a lot easier for fellow monzo users and no difference for non-monzo users.

(Adam Kendrew) #5

It would be cool to assign a mobile number to that person (or email address). So say for example you want to split with Person A, B and C (but C doesn’t have Monzo): it would automatically send a push notification to the feeds of Person A & B while C gets either a text message or email with a link.

This is the sort of thing I would presume would be possible after @kieranmch has worked his magic on the payee interface. Or at least I can hope anyway! :wink: