Monzo is better with friends -- tell your friends about Monzo! 📣

Hey all! We’re launching a way to make it easier to invite your friends to Monzo!

  1. Tap the gift icon next to your avatar in the app
  2. Send your unique referral link to everyone you know!

What can you do with friends on Monzo?
Split the bill :person_cartwheeling: - you can easily split the bill with anyone on Monzo, even if you don’t have their phone number. Tap any recent transaction, then tap “split this bill”.

Send money Monzo to Monzo instantly :moneybag:- pay anyone on Monzo, or request and get money right into your account. They don’t even have to be in your contacts list.

We’re making good progress on features from our product roadmap, so thank you for helping us spread the word!


Just had a look at that product roadmap, it seems very out of date?
Like there’s things on there that are done, yet they’re marked as stretch goals.

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Not in the US they’re not?

Ooh! Yep didn’t notice the US there :joy:

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