Pay in 15 seconds with Android Pay on! :money_with_wings:


Do we have to wait for the real current accounts before I can pay with Android pay using my phone?

Yes we do -

Android Pay for payments is covered by this card on the roadmap.

And now I’m hyped for the next Android update :smiley:

Very glad to see the use of Payment Request API, makes the process beautifully seamless! :slight_smile: One of the first sites I’ve used with that feature.

will be great when we can add cash to monzo through android pay as a top up!! :slight_smile:

Guys, I’m not sure if I’m missing something here, apologies if I am. I have a Dev account and downloaded the last update which prompted me with the Pay update / splash screen but the actual app doesn’t have anything relating to it ? :confused:

Hi Lara, I think this is more of a feature for someone to pay your request who does not have Monzo and they will have the option to perform so with android pay.

The latest update does allow us to top up via android pay

Santander and MBNA are now supporting Samsung Pay. Will be good when Monzo do too