on Android

(Bruno Sousa) #1

Hope this has not been answered already, if it has, my apologies.

Using Monzo on Android as my current account. is the facility available to us or just iOS? Useful way of requesting money when necessary!

If not, is this something that’s planned?

Thanks in advance

(Andrew Schofield) #2 works on Android as well. You should find it on the “request” tab of the “payments” screen. I think at present only works if you have a prepaid account first though.

(Bruno Sousa) #3

Hello, that answers my question, thanks!
I didn’t have a prepaid card so only ever had a current account with monzo.
I’ll wait for this feature to pop up then!
Thanks for the quick reply


We’re working on it for those that have and will only hold a current account with us :muscle: