'Pay from this Pot' Flaw

Pay from this Pot is a good idea, but seriously flawed.
I set everything up in anticipation of my salary being paid into my account today.
In common with a lot of people I’m sure, I have direct debits that come out of my account on the day my salary is paid into my account.
The issue is that the funds I scheduled to add to my ‘Monthly Expenses’ pot didn’t get added to the pot until after a few of my direct debits had been debited.
A great idea in principle rendered useless in fact. So annoying.
(I had used the option to ‘get paid a day early’. So I know my salary was definitely available to fund the transfer to the pot.)

I have also encountered this issue and would like it resolved to make bills pots more intuitive to use, but I think “seriously flawed” is a bit of an overstatement. I just keep DDs coming out on payday in my main account and use bills pots for DDs coming out on other days. It’s not perfect, but it’s a very minimal effort workaround.

I believe this is because pot transfers are happening later Than DDs, personally these should happen before DDs are processed


Agreed. There’s always going to be the potential for a Pay from this Pot failure otherwise.

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‘Pay from this Pot’ works by keeping the money in a pot until billing day, and then moving the money into the main account so the payment can be made.

This is why you are seeing the behaviour you’re seeing. Because if Monzo did move the money into the pot first, it would then immediately need to move it out again in order to make the payment.

If your bills are being paid on the same day as your salary comes in, there’s no real need for using the pot to segregate the money - the main use case is to make sure you don’t accidentally spend it, but with both happening on the same day, you can’t accidentally spend it.


Surely if your DDs come out the same day your salary goes in then you should be holding a month’s worth of DDs in the pot before your salary lands? That way it’ll work fine and additionally you’ll be protected if for some reason your salary lands a day late


I’ve just realised that “get paid early” + salary sorter makes this actually quite problematic.