Pay day the Tuesday after Easter Monday. Paid Thurs?

Sure this was touched on Xmas time but…

… Asking for a friend. They’re paid next Tuesday after Easter Monday. Will the pay be received 4pm Thursday???

Ps it’s defo BACS

If Friday classed as a bank holiday yes otherwise will be Friday after 4pm

Apparently it is but here most places close Monday and Tuesday

Good Friday is a Bank Holiday isn’t it?

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For the last 13+ years 2 of those a carer, I have never been employed at a company where I had bank holidays off :joy: so I never take notice of them now, and I only realise it’s a bank holiday when the benefits come it early :joy:

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Not working days (as far as BACS is concerned!) so I’m fairly sure it’ll be Thursday 4pm! You guys agree?

Monday not in Scotland :joy:

That’d be Monday 5pm then I guess

Shouldn’t be Monday. Monzo don’t do regional specific holidays so it’s the English dates

It’ll be 4pm on Thursday the 9th if it’s due on Tuesday the 14th :blush:




1 Like Is the definitive source as to what’s a BACs working day

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Please note though whilst a bank holiday - NHS GPs are going / should be operating as a normal day.

My carers allowance benefit is due on Monday, and I can claim it today after 4pm :joy:

I wonder if other people getting theirs today also?

Well everyone as the benefit dates have been brought forward for everyone due to the holidays

I’m in exact same position, my carers allowance is showing up in my feed today

Was more if anyones wages where also going in today if due Tuesday :wink:

That’ll just be for people due to be paid tomorrow by the DWP I imagine