Current account & ASDA/Morrisons fuel


I have used my current account card at a self service Tesco fuel pump and all ok. However, Adsa & Morrisons always decline.
Anything been reported or have other users experienced the same?

(Andy Little) #2

I’ve used Asda pay at pump with my current account, it’s never been a problem so far.

(Johnny Ellwood) #3

My local Asda petrol self serve happily accepts my Monzo current account. I wonder if they need to update their systems at that end to accept them…?


It’s a fairly new Asda Fuel stop, opened just before Xmas. The Morrisons is years old.
I just always make sure I have back up funds on me :+1:t4:

(Rika Raybould) #5

As of this week, Morrisons Petrol Stations pay at pump systems should now work with Monzo Mastercards!

Could you let us know the ASDA locations you’ve seen declines at? We’ll take a look at it. :eyes:

(Allie) #6

I wonder if they’ve launched with old software or something.

Maybe its like when a new Poundland opened near me. They didn’t take Amex for months. The staff were a bit rude about it too, saying ‘Poundland doesn’t take American Express’ - umm, the one 200m down the road does, and you’ve got the American Express logo plastered all over the door and the counter! Complained to Poundland, who said they were having trouble getting new shops setup for Amex. It worked a few months later.


I used mine at Morrison’s pay at pump today and it worked fine


Gloucester - Metz Way. There is only one in
Gloucester City. Thank you!