Pay Anyone by link

(Graham Wallace) #41

Once the recipient has completed their bank details, are they remembered in your payments tab for future use?

(Joe) #42

Yep, from experience they’re added to your list. Makes it more of a first time kinda use. I have used it a couple of times to pay people back for snacks and events in the office, and then by bank transfer if I need to pay them a second time.

(Brian Moran) #43

I love this feature, and I have used it quite a few times, but last night when I used it with a work colleague he said it gave him a error message. He banks with TSB and here are a few things he said:

“Can’t get in my bank since I put my details in that thing”

“Jack said his bank didn’t agree with that Monzo thing”

He did get into his bank after a a few minutes and got the money, but why do you think other bank staff are saying this and why would my friend of had an error or been locked out?

(Ash) #44

Kudos for the innovative idea but in practice I think this is ripe for exploitation by fraudsters. I’m sure they’re probably already working on how this can be spoofed to allow them to download malware or similar onto recipient devices. It also contradicts the advice coming out from the vast majority of the industry who advise customers not to click on unsolicited or unexpected links. Sure, the sender should make the recipient aware but is that really going to happen in each case?

(Tony Cavaciuti) #45

What about a link to send to people who owe me money?

(Kieran) #46 :upside_down_face:

(Splodf) #47

You may have missed it, but on the payment tab:

Hit request…

I forget about it all the time, it feels different to standard Monzo UI.


She has a point…

People are far too trusting with just signing up to any old s**t and entering emails, passwords, bank details, addresses, phone numbers…

Monzo are a bank and should be secure etc I get that - but everything has the potential to be hacked - just look at Equifax.

I think it’s an interesting idea, but I doubt the take-up will be that high - and those that do take it up will just use it to open a Monzo a/c. Can’t blame Monzo for trying, but it’s clearly just to promote their accounts.

I hardly ever carry cash. I’ll try getting my work colleagues to do this next time I owe them a few quid (I work in a bank…). I imagine the answer will be “no, just go out the front and get some cash out”.

(James Berry) #49

I tried Pay Anyone with my wife. Who has Monzo too. I sent her the payment link by text message simulating a situation where I didn’t know she had Monzo, or was unaware which account she wanted to pay into.

She wanted to pay it into her monzo account, and there wasn’t an obvious answer - except put in account no and sort code. There was a sign up link which she followed and on entering her email was told that there was already an account.

It would be nice if a Monzo user could enter their email - or other easier identifier - and somehow this would cause the payment to be sent to the right place. Or perhaps a magic url which opens the monzo app to receive the money.

(Tom) #50

I assume this is for Monzo to Monzo account only and not for External Account to Monzo, right? Or can this be sent to someone with an account in say HSBC or Natwest & it works?


This is the main use of this feature - it should work with any bank account.


It’s for Monzo to “Other Bank”.

Put simply, all it is doing is setting up a Faster Payment transfer and then allowing the receiving person to fill in their bank details for you.

(Nathan Steer) #53

It just occurred to me that it might be cool for Monzo to partner with a card manufacturer to be able to provide these links as QR codes within birthday or christmas cards, or things like that…

(NM) #54

I’m so tempted to try this now, as theoretically you could just do it yourself