Pay Anyone by link


Me too. Still in labs for me, so not a clue.

(AllanW) #22

Article says 3 days to claim, copy text in app says 2 days…

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #23

This is new :yum:

Just launched the app and was greeted by hot chip :wave:

(Oliver Ford) #24

Or sign up to Monzo?

This is so spammy, I’d hate to receive this, certainly wouldn’t make me want to open an account. It would make me think there’s some fine print somewhere about a ‘small 35% fee’ for depositing into a non-Monzo account.

Just make the experience awesome, and let people think Wow that was great, what’s Monzo? Anyone capable of being a Monzo customer is capable of searching ‘Monzo’ on the internet.


I wonder if this is Monzo doing their date maths a bit weird with you setting up the link and viewing it close to midnight.

(Robin Bilgil) #26

Thanks @enmasser, it looks like the iOS app is rounding the date down. We’ve noted this to fix!

(Robin Bilgil) #27

The feature is rolled out to everyone, but you need to be on the latest version of iOS and Android (2.33.0) to see it! We’ve now also removed it from labs as 2.33 is fully rolled out.


I am on 2.33.0 (was yesterday when I posted) - still not showing up in my app.

(Robin Bilgil) #29

Hmm, that’s strange. Are you on iOS or Android?




Have you tried force-quitting the app and opening again? Sometimes these things get stuck until the app is forced to refresh a few things.

(NM) #32

I wonder if you could convert the link into a QR code…

(Kieran) #33


(NM) #34

So maybe that should be the next iteration of this, the option to use it as QR code as QR codes are easier to share… Although that depends on proximity.
As who uses the Pay Anyone by link and in what situations? Is it designed for when you’re out with people to share links or for any payment situation?


Yep I have done this a few times - still not there


I will do a reinstall to see if that makes it appear.


Hmm, all I have left to suggest is that you whisper bizarre threats into the lightning port.




Just reinstalled app and now it’s fixed - now showing on payments tab :blush::man_shrugging:

(Alex Clabburn) #40

I guess it wont be for everyone. I think this is a nice extra for those comfortable with using it and it’s your choice (and the recipients) as to whether or not to use it.