Introducing the new Get Paid tab 🎉

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve got something a little new to introduce :eyes:

Let us know what you think :thinking:


How much do easy bank transfers cost?

They’re free until 2023.

And then?


And then you’re locked in sufficiently to not bother leaving


Or your business is so successful that the cost isn’t an issue

Don’t costs always matter for businesses?

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Not the only thing

If it’s quicker then it could save enough time to justify it


As nice as it is are there many business not using something like this already via their accounting software?


The most I’ve seen is an email with bank account details and a button to press saying “I’ve paid” but no real way to pay. I’d love it if people started sending me easy bank transfer links


Many have, but not everyone.

If like @ndrw says, this gives you a handy link and you can input card details, that’s going to be a win for customer and business.

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This is the link to the FAQ page, needs fixing. Just under the section for We’ve answered your customer’s questions, too

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Similar things def exist.

Where I work, I know our invoices have a big ‘pay’ button which links you to a page where you can pay with card details, powered by Stripe.

But this looks a lot slicker, and the inclusion of easy bank transfers is a cool step.


Passed this on @DaveJ - should hopefully be sorted soon :pray:


This is great and cheaper than izettle. I pay 1.75% for face to face cards and 2.75% for a remote link. So it’s much cheaper and easier to do via the Monzo business app at 1.4%. I’ll be signing up. Thank you :slight_smile:


We use Xero and it does exactly that (it even uses Stripe) and auto reconciles on the other side of the transaction.

I’m not saying it doesn’t have a place and I’m sure Mozno has seen demand for the feature. I guess I’m kind of thinking out loud about what is the average size of business a Monzo business customer if they don’t already have the means to do this via Xero, Quickbooks etc.


There seems to be a big focus on here on paying via bank transfer, which is a big no no in my book. You’re forgoing so many consumer protections. This feels like a tool designed to enable fraud, rather than make things easier for people. Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding something.

This really ought to be limited to card payments, preferably via Apple Pay. The open banking stuff is cool and a nice flex, but this really isn’t where it should be implemented. If I’m not paying my bill via card or direct debit, I’m not protected.


That was my thought exactly when reading the post! @Sheri or @AlanDoe do you know if that means “at least until 2023 and then we might introduce fees,” or “we’re making this free for a year and a bit, and then it will definitely have a fee?”

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The difference being is that you need to be a Monzo Business Pro user (£5 per month) to send invoices and have the two working together like this.

Otherwise it’s just like for personal accounts. (or at least that’s what it seems like, I’ve not set mine up yet)


I’m so glad they didn’t do this. When I’m dealing with a business I trust, I prefer paying by bank transfer. And for small freelance businesses, bank transfer is a much better way to be paid. For large clients, it’s often easier for them to pay by bank transfer (eg their expense system) than by card (which are often limited to certain employees).


And the fee on a £5000 or £10000 invoice by card



Business to business is almost all via bank transfer unless you are buying a product on a store interface.
Consumer wise I pay for services from businesses all the time via bank transfer as it’s pretty standard with tradesman, it’s that or cash.
Products for sale I would use a card normally but this is not for a store front as such.