Password manager

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Was a lastpass premium user for a long time, I recently moved over to 1password now that it has Android and Windows support. Honestly can’t recommend it more, the apps and UX on all platforms are so great compared to that of laspass


1Password and Lastpass as suggested. However I would say 1Password is the better of the two, the development of Lastpass has stalled imo since it was bought over by Logmein.

Both work everywhere, both sync your passwords. 1Password though does have the option for offline only password databases.

Other options to consider are keepers. It is open source and offline but you can use your own syncing services to have it sync with other devices. It’s a little more to manage. Theres also bit warden similar to last pass but also open source, its still in reasonably early development, but quite good.


Take it I’m the only one using apples password storing system? :joy:

Am potentially looking at changing but not sure if I can be bothered with the hassle


I have just started to using it for login in to Marcus savings on my mobile phone as quicker than using lastpass etc


I used to but was a nightmare for using the plethora of other non apple devides I use


I’m lucky enough to only use Apple devices and prefer them as well.

But I’m curious to see what the benefits would be for LastPass or 1Password


Aside from cross platform support I’d say these are some notable benefits of 1Password over Keychain. LastPass probably has similar

  • Cross-browser support
  • Ability to store sensitive data and documents other than passwords
  • Password and website vulnerability tracking
  • Password sharing


Have you seen this?

1Password can do the same - i.e. auto fill Safari passwords in iOS (since iOS 12)


Bitwarden :+1::+1::+1::+1:. Only £10 premium, multiplatform support, open source.
Very bad experience with Lastpass. 1password just does not do it for me. Bitwarden used ever since and not looked back.
You can even selfhost this if required. Also regular updates too


Yep cheers, I know about that but u have to click the share icon the load the app where as Safari says passwords Face ID select password job done i think quicker when using mobile but on Mac or PC always lastpass


I use SplashID - works for me!