What password manager does everyone use?

(Brandon Billingham) #1

Hi all,

Just wondered what Password Managers people were using?

I use Lastpass and iCloud Keychain. I’ve used Dashlane and 1Password but the 1Password Windows app was awful for a long time so I gave up when I had to start paying and moved to Lastpass.

Interested to hear peoples thoughts on the different options available.


I use 1Password. Fairly cheap, and it syncs everything over from my Mac to my iPhone & iPad really well using their online service.

They’ve also got some really good security, which is always a plus. I’ve had few issues with their programs, and I’ve found their support team highly responsive to queries (although they refuse to add a ‘Current Account’ category, they told me to select checking account!).


(Brandon Billingham) #3

Seems like you’re in an Apple focused world, how come you use 1Password and not just iCloud Keychain? Is it for the benefit of having a clearer place to see all your account details + additional notes (Current Accounts etc)


The main reason (and I hope I’m remembering this correctly) is that I actually switched from Android to iPhone recently (on my 19th birthday, January 2017).

When I moved over to the iPhone, I was already familiar with the 1Password UI, and I didn’t want the hassle of transferring over 150 logins to iCloud.


(Dan) #5

I too use 1Password :slight_smile: I tried LastPass but didn’t like their UI, plus 1Password integrates with my whole Apple eco system


1Password on Mac and iPhone for personal stuff, LastPass at work.

1Pwd is brilliant, the app is beautiful and the integration with Safari is amazing as well. Definitely worth the money. :+1:

Sadly I can’t say the same about LastPass - the UX is just appalling. It’s a weird mix of web app and desktop app where half the stuff you need to do is in the app and randomly it will hand you off to the web interface where you need to retype your master password again and again and again, since there is no session continuity between web, browser add-on and desktop app… oh and also the fact that when auto-filling a login form from Lastpass, it will ask me after submission whether I want to save it to Lastpass again… I think that alone sums it up. :joy:

(Brandon Billingham) #7

I agree the UX and the UI is lacking somewhat. Thankfully I don’t get those issues with being asked to save existing passwords again!


Keepass, with Keepass2android :slight_smile:

(Peter Roberts) #9

BitWarden for me ATM. I moved from LastPass when they dragged their feet supporting the webextension API for Firefox and refused to give me access to their beta version that did :man_shrugging:

(Gareth) #10

Keepass too, but KeePassDroid
Synced using ownCloud

Not especially pretty, but functional enough and not reliant on 3rd parties.

(Nick Perry) #11

Well that’s a revelation! I didn’t even know there was a desktop app!

We took a brief corporate decision to use LastPass a couple of years ago so I abandoned 1Password having used it grudgingly for a few years. I found it adequate but the Windows implementation was poor back then. I was contacting support regularly. Prior to that I’d been using RoboForm which I used for many years happily. My boss still does, but he’s only PC based.

I’ve been a Mac/Windows/iPhone user for many years and have wanted to have a single solution for personal and work stuff - LastPass was particularly good at that, allowing two accounts to be browsed at the same time, but now we’ve got rid of the Enterprise licence the reasons for sticking with it are less compelling.

I don’t share @anon23935806’s frustration (which maybe because I stick to the web interface), but it often fails to identify obvious fields on web forms in a way that 1Password never did.


(Kolok) #12

Chrome autofill, I find it the easiest

(Leon) #13

Avast Passwords is my password app of choice.


I’ve used 1password for a few years now and use the family features to help the misses and kids manage their passwords as well. I’ve never owned an apple device, I can’t remember why I ended up switching to it.




SafeInCloud Pro. Uses your own online storage like Google Drive. Reviews say everything really.

(Herp Derp) #17

A mix of Chrome autofill, Lastpass and iCloud Keychain


A mix of chrome autofill for stuff i’m not too fussed about, and my brain for everything else.

If I haven’t used a login for over a month I’ve probably forgotten what the password was and end up resetting it.

(Jolin) #19

1Password. iCloud Keychain is too limited, I store loads of stuff in 1P, and it’s also got a much better interface for managing it all than if I was using iCloud Keychain. 1Password is top notch.


1password for me.
I used to be on LastPass premium, but the UI was frustrating - as mentioned earlier, and the security breaches they had a while ago were a deal breaker for me

I’m currently using last pass enterprise at work.