Password manager


I am currently using last pass and wondered if there was a better password manager you would recommend.


1Password if you are iOS.

But knowing you change phones pretty regularly, I’d probably go for something cross platform! :grinning:

(Dan Mullen) #3

Is there anything about LastPass that you don’t like? Most password managers offer similar features. Is there something in particular you’re looking for?


quite a few recommendations in this thread -

I’m personally a massive fan of last pass and it’s authenticator app.

(Caspar) #5

I use 1Password.

@nickh It is multi platform, available on Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome, etc etc. It’s why I first got it, I used to use iOS and OSX at home, Windows at work, and an Android work phone, and it synced between them all beautifully. I’m all iOS now and it still works!


1Password and LastPass are generally the two that get recommended. Unless you have a specific need not met by these just try both and choose which one you prefer


Another for LastPass and it’s authenticator, just swapped from iPhone 5 to XR and until I moved things over didn’t release the authentication app could do what the google and Microsoft authentication apps did :joy: and had to manually transfer the 2FA access, but now it’s stored in lastpass authentication app and it backs it up to lastpass, and using face auth to access lastpass is awesome (granted very new to me as skipped about 6 versions of iphone :joy:)


When did this happen?!

Why do I still think it was Apple exclusive…

Back in my time machine I think… :joy:


I’ve had it on Windows since 2011 and Android since 2013 but the initial releases on these platforms may have been earlier.

It’s now available on Chrome and Linux via 1PasswordX standalone browser option, which came in fairly recently.


I used to be LastPass but since they were bought out they’ve raised their prices for the third year running.
I now use BitWarden. It’s open source, which is great for security as it’s open and can be vetted and checked by anyone. I use premium which is around £8 a year. It’s powerful, can store your TOTP codes and attachments and can also be self hosted for even more security.
Definitely worth a go. You can import LastPass passwords into it as well to try.

(Colin Robinson) #11

I’m old enough to think that means Top Of The Pops :shushing_face:


Sorry! Basically it will store Two Factor Authorisation time based codes. So like the ones Google Authenticator use.


I just use the Chrome one mostly. With Google Smart Lock. I do have Last Pass as a back up in case I am unable to access my Google account.

(Tony Hoyle) #14

Bitwarden is great. For TOTP I stick to Authy, even though I could store codes in bitwarden I like the separation of risk.



(Tom Cohen) #16

Lastpass is great and I used it for a while. It’s also trusted by pretty big enterprises, so you’re in good company there.
Personally I use Bitwarden though.

(Jordan Taylor) #17

Also :+1: for 1Password

(Richard) #18

Been using 1password since @nickh kindly gave me a code :smiley:

Have to say… very useful and integrates very easily across platforms!


Glad you are finding it useful! :smiley:


I am going to have a go with Bit Warden.