After a bit of a balls up, I’ve been sorting out my logins and 2FA and feel 1Password is the way to go. I’m not interested in other software, it’s what I’m going with.

But what do you store in there, other than logins… if anything?


I keep everything in it.

Passwords, 2FA, backup authentication codes, credit cards and secure notes

I prefer the standalone version. I keep my vault in iCloud Drive.


Can you explain this bit, sorry if that’s a daft question :joy:

Can you still get the standalone version?

I basically have the standalone version (which I think you can still buy). On the standalone you can either keep the vault on your computer or you can sync it via iCloud, Dropbox or Google Drive. It’s a one time purchase as opposed to subscription

The subscription version keeps everything in 1Passwords server. I’m not ready to do that yet :slight_smile:

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Ah okay, yeah I don’t think the standalone exists anymore. Will look into it properly tomorrow though just incase. Cheers!

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I store absolutely everything just like @anon15594239 mentioned, life is so much easier and most importantly securer now.

I don’t use 1Password though, I use LastPass :slight_smile:


I use LastPass for password management and other sensitive data and I use LastPass Authenticator for my OTPs

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I’ve been using LastPass for a good few months now and love it - especially the catergorising as I have my work logins and then my personal ones!! Really impressed! There is a paid option but don’t see the need for it yet - the free version has everything I need.


I used to have the premium version and it was ridiculously cheap but then they switched all the features around and everything I needed became part of the free version.

You get so much with the free version now. It is brilliant.

Apart from logins, only software licence keys. Saves me searching Gmail for them or scrabbling around the house trying to find where I put the appropriate box.

I initially put credit cards in there also but found I never needed to use 1Password for them, so didn’t bother updating the details when those cards expired and were replaced.

Never found a reason to use any of the other categories.


I moved away from LastPass a year or so ago after all the security breaches.
Moving to 1Password was a breath of fresh air really - the UI is so much nicer, and the OTPs are built into the same app instead of having to open a separate app for the job.


I’m a long time 1Password user.

I had a wobble when my day-to-day computering switched to Linux - for which 1Password has no app - but luckily this was around the time that their standalone browser extension, 1Password X, was announced.

All my logins. My credit card details. Bank account details. Security keys and licenses for some software. Digital copy of my passport for when websites need you to log in. My national insurance number. Household insurance details. HMRC details. Anything I want to keep secure, but accessible. I literally wouldn’t know what to do if 1Password went away. I first signed up back when LinkedIn had a bit password breach in 2012 or something, and am very happy to pay their monthly fee for my peace of mind. Their recent integration of Have I Been Pwned to cross check your logins is really useful, and the Watchtower feature highlighted a number of services which offered 2FA which I hadn’t realised (Amazon UK for example - I read headlines when Amazon.com enabled it but the UK site was some time behind it so I didn’t pick up on it).


It is but it’s very hidden on their website. You download the app and when it asks if you want to become a member you say no and pay the standalone fee to pay for the app. I think it’s around £3.50 a month, totally worth it if you have more than one device (ie a computer and a phone/tablet).

Yeah that’s what I’m doing, paying the £3.49 a month :beers:

Additionally on iOS devices 1Password can replace keychain as the primary password store


Been using LastPass for a couple of years now, it’s pretty good. We also now use LastPass Enterprise at work which is really neat as you can link your personal account to your work account and access your personal stuff from within the work account but without any risk of your work being able to get any access to your personal stuff.

Between 1Password pasting in my passwords and 2FA keys being copied to clipboard, and it automatically putting in codes which arrive by SMS (:face_vomiting:) I’ve not had to look at a password or security code in months :partying_face: