1Password Integration

Would be great to see 1Password integration in the app. From what I’ve heard, it’s fairly straightforward to implement and would streamline signup/login for those who use it.


I use LastPass, so I’d love to see these kinds of integrations as well :smiley:



1Password for the win!


1Password integration would be great. Fits well with Mondo approach to usability.

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Gets my vote as well :slightly_smiling:

Alternatively, doing away with passwords entirely would be a good option.


+1 for 1Password integration, means I can use a super secure password :slight_smile:

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+1 1Password is awesome. :smiley:

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+1 for 1Pass and option of TouchID/Pin on app startup


Another vote for LastPass!


You guys are going to love the passwordless login we’re working on at the moment :wink:


1password would be great, but I’m not too fussed about security on login, more security when topping up, making a payment etc. Something that moves money.

Touch ID would be welcome too

If you’ve updated your TestFlight app, you should see the first version of passwordless login now live. This is very much the first step of securing your account and we have lots more we want to do (including TouchID, multi-factor authentication etc) but we’d love to know what you think of it as it is now :slight_smile:

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touch ID for person to person payments works well

I can’t see any difference.

I tried the passwordless login and it worked great.

For me I guess it comes down to how often you expect you might have to kick us out of the app? I love that I don’t need to authenticate every time I open the app just to check something versus having to remember three random letters from a password I don’t use anywhere else and then donating my next child just to see my balance.

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Hey @alexbilbie, hopefully we won’t be kicking you out of the app much at all :slight_smile: Totally agree!

Password less login is working great :slight_smile: works like magic.

Have to agree with Sevendotzero - I can’t say I have noticed any difference.

So, dumb question (please humour me): What is Passwordlesslogin supposed to do for you and how should it manifest itself?

Thank you

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If you logout of the app (actually logout, not just close the app) and then log back in, you’ll see the passwordless login process.

Basically, Mondo send you an email, you open the email on your phone and click a button in the body of the email, which opens the Mondo app and logs you in.