Password for Community

A ten character password for the community is overkill and hard to remember. Surely a 7 or 8 character password would be sufficient

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My suggestion would be not to use passwords you remember but long random ones generated and stored in an encrypted app like 1Password.


A choice perhaps…rather than compulsory

I think 10 characters is a good minimum. Password manager apps make a lot more sense these days. I wish I could convince my wife to use one.

I use multiple devices and using a password manager normally restricts you to a single device (depending which software manager you use).

Password length is an interesting topic There has been some research that shows the longer you make a password the more likely a customer is to make it simple for them to remember while they happier to have a more obscure password when it is shorter.

1Password works across Apple, Android and I think Windows.

I’ve not encountered that restriction. I have lastpass accessible on devices I use. 1Password I’m sure is also accessible across all devices. Both are by browser or app installs.

thanks to both of you for your replies.

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1Password has supported syncing via. Dropbox and other basic file services for a very long time, nowadays they have their own sync service and include the app in a subscription.

Lastpass has syncing and a web interface in their premium offering.

iCloud Keychain syncs between all Apple devices. This is what I personally use along with Settings -> Safari -> Passwords from an iOS device to read them out for entry on a Windows PC.

Smart Lock syncs between Android, Chrome and Chrome OS with a web interface avaliable.

I understand that various people don’t like the idea of password managers syncing but all the security in the world would be useless if it wasn’t also convenient!

For me the system I prefer is a password with a minimum length say 8 characters which gains access to basic functions and then to use 2FA such as Symantec VIP Access (previously Verisign Identity Protection) to access more sensitive stuff. Symantec VIP comes in a choice of an App, a keyfob, a card, so you can choose as per your own preferences.

I tried 1pass ages ago and if I recall didn’t you have to download a browser/app for it on the iPhone?

RIght now I use

Google Chrome passwords
iCloud keychain

Two factor via Google Authenticator and iCloud Two Factor

and it is fine for me

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There is an iOS app for 1Password.