Partners salary-bacs

Hi there I have a quick question if someone can help me if they have previous experience in this. If my partner got her salary paid in to my account would this still clear in to my account if it’s in her name and not mine? I know this works with other high street banks but would it work with Monzo?

All you need is an account number and sort code to transfer into a bank account. I don’t believe that names are checked, but that will be changing in the short future.

It would be more of a question of if your partners employer is willing to pay their salary into someone elses account and why they can’t open a Monzo account of their own in a matter of minutes.


I may be wrong but I think many employers won’t do this because can be used as a form of financial abuse.


CoP (Confirmation of Payee) needs the correct Sort Code, Account Number & Account holder(s) Name(s) to allow a payment to another bank account to be processed.

“The regulator has asked all banks to get Confirmation of Payee up and running this year.” [2019] Source;

So at this stage… :man_shrugging:

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