Parcelforce Delivery Times

That’s good,

How did you get them to redeliver same day?

I called up twice and then a couple of hours later they showed up and he was polite and said " im not sure who gave you the time slot but it was wrong "

Lesson learnt, if I have to use them again in future i’ll make sure im in all morning.

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Seriously, this post for just for a delayed delivery? I’m wasting my time at work when there are much more important thing going on in this forum.

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Oh no. This entire topic is not about one delayed delivery. It’s way more than that. It’s two :scream:


Correction. One delayed and one early delivery :exploding_head:

Welcome to the world of Venomx… See other gripping topics such as:

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and many more! :laughing:


Oh man, I missed the verruca topic!

I’m blighted by such a problem… for nearly 9 months now! Anyone care to share the outcome? :wink: I’m considering laser removal over cryotherapy currently.

There is a fine line between banter and being disrespectful

Please try and stay on the right side of that line as everyone sees and deals with the world differently


I was thinking that. Some posters have been somewhat unkind.

When couriers miss their guaranteed delivery slots for me it really aggravates me.


Isn’t that what the Muted button is for?

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I trust you pointed this out to every other respondent, right?