Packaging of cards


In this thread, I wanted to concentrate on environmentally friendly packaging of cards. :leaves: :credit_card:

Let’s start by going of topic (bravo me) to highlight one huge positive aspect of mobile banks in general. There do not generate (at least at the user end) paper waste, no paper contracts, no paper statements send by post etc. :+1:

Going back to the topic:
I sadly do not have a picture of :monzo: card shipment. I must say that I was very happy that it came in the simplest of packing - an A4 paper in an envelope. Maybe it could even be an A5 paper?

I do not understand companies that try to have a ‘tada’ moment when we open the new card. Does that really work? Please let me know.

The issue I have is that Starling and even more Curve (I’m sure there are many other examples) have fancy packaging which has a higher environmental footprint. They use glossy, thick paper with glue and lots of ink (curve). I even remember seeing one package that had plastic elements (can’t remember). Why not keep it simple, keep it clean?
What do you think? :thinking:Do you like fancy packaging? Do you think the impact is too small to bother? I am interested to hear your opinions on that :slight_smile: Do send more examples :hugs:



We’re definitely trying to keep it minimal. We try and consider everything at scale, and what impact it has when we are sending out millions upon millions of cards in a year - which at our current growth rate, really isn’t far off at all.

Overly fancy packaging is great for what, 10 seconds? Less than that? Before it goes in the bin and you never look at it again.

That said, there’s ways we can do more cool stuff with the packaging without affecting the environmental footprint, and it’s something we’re always evaluating. Happy to hear any ideas that folks have, too! :grinning:


I guess if mobile payments ever overtake card payments, there’ll be an opportunity to only send physical cards to those who request them?

Maybe not this week, but in a few years?


When I got my Curve card I really thought it was sent over the top as shown in the pictures below. I guess they don’t do this now? You could say they are getting better.

Images taken from Google search.


Starling had this slide out packaging for a while IMG_20170512_182422

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That is just absolutely ridiculous. :exploding_head: I am happy they changed that (or maybe it is only from premium?)

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Great to hear that!

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It’s a good way to encourage people to put on social media their new product/service, spreads word when nearly all these businesses have minimal marketing spend and gives the receipient a little ‘wow’ moment to live the brand.

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I got that same slide out one, it was fun for a moment, the only issue I had was the fancy plastic part that made the strange optical illusion, that was unnecessary.

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I complained about their previous packaging as I thought it was rediculous for something destined for the bin minutes after opening.

This exactly.

Main banks don’t do this because they don’t need to. I posted Starling’s wrapping on social media because I liked it - advertising for them. The additional cost was probably worth it for them.


Definitely agree - but I think there’s a balance to be found, especially when you consider that you may be sending millions of cards out.

I mean, that Curve packaging above is just absurdly OTT. I don’t think they do that anymore, though.


Absolutely needs to a balance. Simple to produce, keep production effort and material useage down. That Curve packaging definitely excessive, but l didn’t get that so it mustn’t have been a lasting thing.

Totally accept and agree with the environmental considerations. But if normal operation my Bank never sends me paper, a nice card packet to make me feel welcome and promote excitement I have no issue with.


There absolutely has to be a balance.

For any physical product and service - the packaging is the first interaction it’s users have with the product. And while it’s less likely to be the ‘driver’ of purchase behaviour for a bank, it does drive consumer engagement and ultimately is a reflection of the brand, it’s values, and the service they offer.

If my Monzo card had arrived as just a stuck down card on a indistinguishable-from-every-other-bank A4 paper, that would have been gutting.

“Premium” food brands have to do this and make a huge number of style vs value decisions; think of beer packaging. Minimum you really need is a aluminium can with something to identify it written on the front.

Yet you get cans with matte textures, brands who invest in incredible artwork on their packaging, coloured “can ends”, coloured ring pulls, cans with paper labels on them, cans with paper labels and a matte finish…

It’s important to get the right balance of premium vs wasteful…

Isn’t that exactly how Monzo cards arrived (stuck down on a bit of paper, with a “Monzo” logo on it?)

I’m not bothered btw - I care little for packaging!

When prepaid first started I’m sure it came in some sort of fancy fold out thing but was too long ago to remember now!

I’d much rather see as little packaging as possible and as recyclable as possible.

In-fact if the card could made of something other than plastic that would be nice!


From memory, I think it was A5 cardstock in a little card-holding-cut-out, and a nice deep monzo-blue envelope?

At least not the triple-folded thing paper thing of most banks?

Edit- quick google shows up with this:


Ah OK.

I’m 99% sure my recent joint account card was just the card stuck to a bit of paper?

Again, I’m fine with that (although the card numbers did imprint onto the paper, so I had to make sure it was shredded).

Definitely didn’t receive the blue card you’ve just added!

My first prepaid card came like that but definitely now comes in a triple folded bit of A4 paper! :smiley:


Yes, my :monzo: replacement card came ‘slotted in’ a simple A4 card. Obviously, it can be a different size such as the previous A5 cardstock. But why use way more ink than necessary and have black paper or/and envelope? With a good design even a simple piece of paper can be beautiful.

But let’s remember that :monzo: is not a physical product. Sure you will have a card but the card is not your first interaction with :monzo:.