Great event the other night! As I mentioned on another thread, it would take air miles and consumer protection to lure me away from purchasing using my credit card, but it would be good to see the data on Mondo, and be able to pay my bills through it.

One other idea I had was around the ability to upload an Oyster number into the app, which would allow you to make Travelcard journeys rather than just PAYG, using NFC through Mondo. This would allow Travelcard users to leave a card at home…extra useful for those who keep their Oyster in their phone case to avoid card clash, the side effect of which is that you can’t use NFC at all!

(Rika Raybould) #2

Credit card integration could be great if pulled off with a close partner after the process of becoming a bank is complete.

Unfortunately, Oyster card integration would almost entirely be on TfL’s side to do or the card would endlessly clash with itself on TfL gates. As TfL are pushing more updates and marketing towards contactless EMV usage rather than Oyster, I can’t see this happening. :slight_frown:

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Yes, TfL did the whole ‘Oyster on a Credit Card’ thing about five years ago with Barclaycard. Now that they’ve gone for true contactless integration I don’t see them considering returning to the old system either.

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Payment protection you should get to some extent when mondo become a real bank. Online payment protection for goods come largely from Visa and Mastercard (though AMEX’s is superior). When Mondo move to a mastercard debit card as opposed to prepaid card you would get the standard mastercard debit protection

Edit - actually sorry looks like im wrong - I had heard that Visa Debit had same protection as Visa Credit but doesnt seem to be the case from reading:


Also from looking at:

Prepaid cards already have chargeback protection - in which case the consumer protection would be the same as a full bank compared to a prepaid card provider


I believe, the OP is referring to Section 75 protection, which you can’t get on any debit card. :mondo: would either have to provide a credit card, or have some kind of setup with someone who does provide. But I don’t know how this can be done.


They did say they were working on something last time I mentioned…