Link TfL Travelcards to Monzo

(Jay McCarthy) #1

Would be great if you could work with TFL to attach travelcards to Monzo thereby completely obliterating the need for Oyster.

(Hugo Cornejo) #2

Yeah, that’d be amazing. I’m sure TfL will give that option sooner or later, it’s pretty clear to me they are trying to get rid of the actual Oyster cards and let banks take care of it.


If they do get rid of Oyster they will have to do something about travellers with foreign bank cards. Currently they do not accept the majority of foreign contactless cards, only UK ones and a few non UK ones from crown dependencies

(Jay McCarthy) #4

From bizdev standpoint, you could probably could work-out a limited time exclusivity in exchange for being the first provider to make it work.

(Michael Putman) #5

Should expand the scope to include southwesttrains as they have an annoying card separate to TFL
Going to assume it works on a similar RFID chip so should be compatible?

(Rika Raybould) #6

Unfortunately not, ITSO smartcards are very different from Oyster, even though there is some interoperability between the two for areas where both are valid.

I’m actually slowly working my way through the mountains of documentation for this now, though I wouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking to happen in this area on any short timescale. The whole smartcard system outside Oyster is a real mess (IMO). :frowning2:

The Debit Card
(Alex Sherwood) #7

Tom hinted that this might be on the horizon during a panel discussion which I posted today (although we need slightly more details, to be sure that this would work as you’ve described) :pray:

(Jay McCarthy) #8

Great news, love the idea of proactively getting people on travel cards potentially.