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I am always surprised how many people still use their current account to pay for things. Apart from bills or places that don’t take cards at all, I can’t remember the last time I paid for anything without a credit card. There are two simple reasons for this: air miles and consumer protection.

Will you be offering a credit card with these benefits when you launch fully? If not, I’m afraid my Mondo experience would be very limited.


Hey Will,

Totally understand – at the moment, we’re not planning on offering a credit card. We are thinking about ways we can offer similar benefits to Mondo users though through a current account :slight_smile: Watch this space!


That would be impressive. I’ve never seen consumer protection on a debit card, and loyalty or cashback schemes are normally either very stingy or even capped. If you could deliver on both of these, you really would have a differentiator. Although my credit card has quite a high annual fee (£150 I think), it has paid for itself many times over this year alone. Also the fee is only there to double the points - the consumer protection is available on the free version.


Even if you don’t offer a credit card, has there been any thought to pulling in transactions made on credit cards into mondo? I mostly use an AmEx card where possible but turn to either my mondo card or other current account when it isn’t accepted. It’d be really useful to see combined my spending on my AmEx and Mondo accounts rather than switching between the two.


I have been playing around with the mondo APIs recently and looking at things like merging in transaction details from PayPal when I make a PayPal payment or pushing tfl data into the event stream , I think API driven banks will allow more of this tight integration where customer get a much more inclusive view of there spending

Now thats a nice idea, to be able to link my other legacy bank accounts and credit cards and to have the data pulled in and placed onto my Mondo Feed :slight_smile: I think there are a few sites out there that do something similar already.

Technically couldn’t section 75 apply to an overdraft anyway?

Regardless most stuff that goes through mine isn’t £100 so I wouldn’t find it that useful.
Visa and MasterCard both have chargeback as an option anyway which would be similar to what happens when spending less then £100 on a credit card.

Credit cards are notoriously slow at updating too. I’d only use if I needed S75 - couldn’t be doing with one for day to day. You’d probably earn more in actual cash back with natwest rewards or Santander123 (although I don’t recommend either) paying bills with them or a cashback card and putting that towards any flight but depends on the offer - whatever works out best I guess!

But if Mondo are doing any flights offers I’ll have a couple of first class tickets to NYC please!

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Section 75 doesn’t apply to debit card transactions even if they where made using an overdraft.

The financial ombudsman says:

For section 75 to apply, certain conditions must be met. Most credit card purchases will be covered, but:

  • the cash price of the goods or services must be more than £100 and not more than £30,000; and
  • purchases are not covered if they are made by debit cards or by charge cards (where the monthly bill has to be settled in full).


Yeah there are sites that do it already, but none of them link to mondo (yet), and mondo does a better job of splitting spending and location. It was one of those ‘nice to have’ ideas though haha

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Just to keep everything linked together…there is another post on this topic here -

That is a newer post but it has a reply from Tom which resulted in a lot more discussion.

The same here, I use my Amex card,and if not then my Nationwide credit card as both give cashback. My current account is mainly just for cash withdrawals.

If your current account incorporated some form of cashback,then absolutely I’d rather use this one account rather than swap between cards.

I hate Nationwide with a passion,but I’m happy to take their cashback money for free!


I would move to any credit card company that could provide me with real-time transactions. I don’t care about cashback etc- I just want to see that my transactions are carried out by me and get to transactions ASAP rather than having to wait to see them in a monthly statement.


Amex are very good for that, if I buy something through the Amazon app on my iphone for example I get an Apple Pay notification soon after.


Im not an Apple guy :frowning:

What I want is the same sort of notification I get with Monzo pre-pay really.

It might be the same on Android, Amex weren’t supporting Android Pay when I had my old phone :man_shrugging:

I’ve never been bothered with cashback or credit card offers and the like. I’ll use a card for bigger purchases these days but most of the rest of it is now running through the current account. I haven’t the time to faff about trying to milk every last penny out of life.

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My legacy Halifax cashback credit shows pending transactions (except offline contactless transactions, as the card doesn’t force the terminal online). Paying with Android Pay however forces the terminal online, which is annoying in those places where the terminal has to dial out to the bank which takes a good minute.

MBNA now show pending transactions, though that’s only balance transfer card, so I haven’t tested it.

A recent Nationwide Android App update showed that they were preparing for pending transactions.

Seems much of the industry is moving in that direction.

No credit card being available is one reservation I have about moving to Monzo CA.


Out of interest, when you can get a credit card from any number of places, why does having one from the same bank as your Current Account matter?


I’m no longer in a position to earn as in this very ageist 21C one isn’t viewed as employable therefore I would not expect existing supplier to care about keeping my custom. This ‘online’ mobile tech is great but some traditional banks used computing intelligently 40 years ago, I had a Courts a/c then and it was superior to anything available now on PCs don’t know about smartphone. Being aged I’m also cynical (weary) of banking in general - I lost a lot of money in the Kaupthing débâcle.

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