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Given the amount of technology in a Monzo card, has there been any further thought on what it might be used for? I’d still love the ability to store my Oyster on it, for example.

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Be easier if TfL just introduced monthly capping for contactless, as they do for Oyster payg

Technically our cards do support read and write, so data can be stored on the card :eyes:

That said, we don’t have any particular plans in place for this right now! We just like to future-proof where we can.

Exactly. How about a focus group to explore some possibilities? (Or this thread!)

Technically they could update their existing card fleet through issuer script; after a contacted (not contactless) payment the card would load new software.

I think the main blocker behind Oyster integration is the fact that TfL doesn’t publish a specification for third-parties to create cards; but it can definitely be done without compromising security (they’re already using cryptography - the cards themselves don’t have to be trusted).

I’m not a Londoner so forgive my ignorance but if you have the Oyster card on the same chip as your contactless debit card, how does it know which one to take money from? Is it swiped on the same terminal?

When a card is inserted or tapped, the terminal gets a list of all “applications” installed on the card, and can then select which one it prefers for further processing. That’s how LINK cards work for example, they have both the LINK app as well as the normal MasterCard/Visa application - LINK ATMs would select the LINK app while others would select MasterCard/Visa.


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Is dynamic CVV a thing and is it useful?

As in one that changes and that’s displayed in app.

To be honest I have no idea what I’m on about but I think that’s a thing?

Yeah it’s a thing, there are some cards with an embedded e-ink display which change their CVV every 30 seconds or so. Doing it via an app would require removing the CVV from the physical card which might be confusing for some users (you can’t leave a fixed CVV on there otherwise you defeat the whole point of this security measure, as attackers would just use the static CVV instead).

That is the solution Dutch bank bunq opted for, with no code on their MasterCard Debit cards and a rotating code in the app (that changes every 5 minutes)

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I hope that doesn’t catch on! My card details including ccv are stored in my password safe. It would really annoy me if I’d have to get out the physical card for each online purchase…


You have it the wrong way around. You have to use your phone to see the code, so no phone battery and you can’t make a card purchase online. So personally that annoys me, I would rather have it on a physical card.


Yes, you are right. I conflated “e-ink display of CVV” as described by @anon23935806 with “CVV in app” as described by you.

Both would be a pain to me, personally: I don’t want a rotating CVV, regardless of whether I’d access it on the phone or on the card:

It brings no benefit to me at all, since the bank is liable for fraud, but only disadvantages, since I’d have to check the CVV every time, rather than being able to memorize it, or write it down.

Obviously it’s advantageous to the bank, so I fear it will catch on eventually.


But the card isn’t looking to benefit you it’s to benefit themselves, they want to reduce their risk of paying out for fraud. It costs them a lot of money when it happens.


I want to see Monzo use the Biometric Mastercard that was introduced in their site…

If the card could scan your iris I would happily use it, but with fingerprints it would be useless to me. Also, from a bank perspective you need a branch network to enrol people for the card as it requires their biometrics being taken in an approved secure premises where the ID of the person is checked to ensure the biometrics taken are for the person claimed.

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Have you burned them off or something?

No. I have a skin condition that makes contact fingertip readers give a high failure rate, like 1 success in 20 attempts. Only one I have a high success rate is with Veridium contactless finger scanner, which works for me maybe 4 times out of 5.

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