Notifications and Travelling abroad with Monzo


I have both the Monzo prepaid beta and the Monzo current account preview.

I’ve just been abroad and one of the things that I noticed is that the Prepaid app send you a welcome SMS when you arrive in another country. It tells you what the conversion rate is.

When you return to the UK it gives you a summary of what you spent abroad.

This is all interesting and useful but the current account app does not do it. Perhaps that functionality will come in time.

Revolut sends a welcome SMS when you arrive in a new country. Starling does not …no chirps from that one.

(Brandon Billingham) #2

It’s noted in the FAQ it’s currently not working.

(Bruce Davies) #3

Just returned from Spain last week and Pre-Paid received no such notification.

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #4

It’s only on iOS at the moment :slight_smile:

(Bruce Davies) #5

Didn’t get anything on iOS…

(Shaun McDonald) #6

I got the notification in android on the prepaid app when travelling abroad. However if I dismiss the notification, I can’t get the information contained within such as exchange rate, and on the first UK transaction the summary of the spending while abroad, again elsewhere within the app.

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