Recurring payment assigned to Pot

My goal (I’m sure many others are the same) is to, for once, know accurately how much money I have to spend each month/week/day without worrying that a bill hasn’t come out yet - that’s what pots are for after all.

A tremendously helpful feature to help with this would be the assigning of direct debits to certain pots:

Create a pot called ‘phone bill’, schedule £30 to go in each payday.

Take the ‘phone bill’ direct debit, and instruct it to attach to the relevant pot, rather than default to the current account balance.

When DD triggers mid way through the month, the balance is deducted from the pot first (any over-spend would have to come from current account balance).

This way - we can FINALLY end the headache of having a dozen direct debits that come out across the month and wreak havoc on our balance planning.


Hey @Davidmreynolds

This has been asked for lots of times on the forum. It’s something Monzo are looking at but we don’t know when we might see it :slight_smile:

For now… you should try the new Summery Tab in Monzo Labs, which is a good start for you.

Its still very Beta so, It doesn’t take into account Direct Debits yet, but maybe this week or next it will.

Hope this helps

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I could not agree with this more, I hate having to remember when bills are going out! If you could create pots for your bill dd to come out of life would become soooo much easier. It’s such a key part of what Monzo is trying to achieve its such a shame it’s not yet a feature…


Come on Monzo… sort it out :hugs:

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Personally rather than assign direct debits to a pot and have card payments from the non-pot part of the account, I would rather assign card payments to a pot and have direct debits from the non-pot part of the account.

As my DD’s are for similar amounts each month, for me personally a pot for those payments is a better option.

As a working example… My DD’s are say £400 per month. I could transfer £400 to my DD pot and my bills for the month are taken care of and everything else is mine to spend.

As pots only have as much as you have transferred into them, not sure it would work for card payments that vary in amounts and can be unexpected amounts

Just my thoughts

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This is the only thing keeping me from going #FullMonzo. Currently I have entire account dedicated exclusively for DD.

If I could assign DD to a specific pot, even if i’m limited to a single pot, that would be a tremendous help! As previously mentioned above, if a DD exceeds the value of the pot, drawing from current balance would be a great backup (Or you could maybe have a nominated backup pot?)

I budget my money weekly, but get paid monthly. Which means I keep the majority of my available balance in a pot, and transfer it to my main account every Thursday.


I would love to be able to do this!

At the moment, I’ve only just switched to Monzo but now I have to wait a full month for my DD’s to go out for Monzo to learn the amounts and dates before Summery will work properly, which is slightly annoying!

Would be nice to be able to create a pot called bills and assign your DD’s to pull money from that pot rather from your main account.

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As a temporary workaround, I have an IFTTT recipe setup for each individual payment for bills. Direct debits + subscriptions. So, one for iCloud Storage, One for Phone, One for Airtime, One for Amazon Prime and so on.

The recipes move the amount of money the bill is from my ‘Bills’ pot into my balance at 12:00 on the on the day bill is due. So, I pay £2.49 for iCloud, so IFTTT moved £2.49 out of bills into my account at midnight, ready for it to be taken out in the early hours of the morning by iTunes.

I understand you can’t have this adjust with changes dates well. Nor can it support changing prices like a direct debit can. But for my setup it works well enough.
Hope this helps someone :smiley:

It would be great if you could set a recurring card transaction to be paid from a dedicated pot.

I have a weekly subscription which I can’t change to 4 weekly when I get paid.

It would be great if I could put the money in a pot so only that the recurring card transaction can be paid from the saving pot I put the money into.

For example

I put £100 in a savings pot when I get paid. I use my card but the £100 is kept separate as it’s in a pot.

My subscription is £20 a week and when the card transaction happens rather than checking my balance it checks the balance on the pot and pays it if there is enough in there.
That way the money doesn’t have to be moved back to the account each week in case you forget to do it or you spend it without realising

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This would fit in quite nicely with the bills/standing orders/direct debits from pots if/when that happens

This isn’t the first time this has come up for one sort of recurring payment or another so I’ve merged the threads.

To echo others here, this is the thing stopping me going #fullmonzo - I have another account which I keep all the money I need for recurring payments so I know that I won’t overstretch; I understand the summary page helps, but it’s nowhere near as good as “knowing” you can never spend pre-set payment money.

I think a fantastic first step would be to just designate a pot “repeating payments”, then anything which your system tags as a repeating payment gets paid out of here.

The Monzo app is already tagging all my repeating payments correctly, and we can already schedule cash to go into a pot, so this seams like a small jump, and would allow budgeting in a way no other bank can! It would mean I can work out how much needs to go across, have it transfer when I get paid and never need worry again. It would also mean that you can save for big repeating payments easily: E.G. You pay something once a year for £120, now you can just pay £10 per month into your “repeating payments” pot, and when that big hit comes around, you’re ready for it, no nasty surprises!


+1 from me.
Direct debits to come out of a specific pot would be hella useful!


+1 from me too - this is the main thing stopping me from transferring fully to Monzo. It’d be life-changing budgeting wise! At the moment I’ve got a combination of one current account plus my Monzo account and a slightly out-of-date spreadsheet…

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