Can't pay bill from pot?

I’m trying to set a scheduled payment to come out of a pot. I can see the payment in the payments tab. However, when I go to the pot and choose to pay bills from the pot it says I have no schedule payments?

Is it a direct debit/transfer? Or a recurring payment (Like Spotify/Netflix)?

If it’s the former latter, they can’t be paid from a pot, not directly anyway.

Isn’t it the other way round?

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Hi Paul & welcome :wave:

If the scheduled payment is a Continuous Payment Authority (CPA), Monzo can’t pay it from a designated Bills pot because Monzo receives no notice that the payment is to be taken. CPA’s are where you give someone permission to use your card details. DD’s and non-CPA’s are where you have given permission for someone to take money from your account.

CPA’s are just like you walking into a shop and paying for something on your card.

You can pay a CPA from a pocket with Revolut :thinking: I pay for Tidal & Smarty through this every month. A further tool to allow you to set money aside for bills and forgot its there

So it’s 100% possible. When you make the first payment, you can mark it as recurring and from there Revolut know when the payment is due. Its especially feasible as the card payment won’t move based on a working day.

Most definitely a march stolen - especially as its a free feature and doesn’t even require a virtual card but of course you can use one should you so wish.

It’s actually my Monzo plus monthly fee. What type of payment is that?

You can’t with that payment

A monthly billing payment. Just set it up to take the fiver out a pot each month


I’ve set up a scheduled pot withdrawal for my Monzo Plus.

It’s due on the 15th of each month so I set it to withdraw every month on the 14th. It’s not ideal but it works :slight_smile:

Get it to automatically withdraw the fiver a month on the same day it’s due to go out

Be careful with timing though. My Premium payments have been taken between 3:49am and 4:49am on the day it is due. So you’ll have to transfer prior to that.