Payments outage this morning?

Reviving an old thread, but didn’t want to make my own when similar issues have been reported in the past.

Realised the thread I’d revived wasn’t really relevant to the issue I’m reporting.

I’ve made a few purchases this morning with a few different retailers, transactions went through fine and one had to be verified in app. Except I’ve not had any push notifications for the transactions, nor has any money left my account, and one of these orders has already been dispatched.

Now I know some merchants don’t take payment until dispatch, but this morning is very abnormal with Monzo. It’s incredibly rare a retailer doesn’t take any payment immediately, but for Amazon, Lakeland, Apple, and Co Op not to all in the same morning suggests something is amiss here.

Are there any delays here on Monzo’s end? Status page doesn’t indicate any issues.

Update: almost immediately after posting and deleting my comment on that thread, the push notifications flooded through one after the other and the money has now been taken. Weird.

Thought I’d still post this to document the issue and to clear up why I’d accidentally revived a 3 year old thread :see_no_evil:

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Could it be a dodgy internet connection causing issues with the delivery of those?

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Although possible, it’s very unlikely given the levels of redundancy I have at home. Though there could perhaps have been a routing issue somewhere within the backhaul, though I’m not detecting any issues of that nature either.

The time stamps in the Monzo app for the transactions are for the time the notifications actually came through, and not the times at which I made the aforementioned transactions.

I had the same issue late last night. Payment took ages to show in my feed and I never got a notification.