Out of date link on forum

(keithy) #1

Link to ‘blog posts’ in blog discussion area links to https://getmondo.co.uk/blog/ which doesn’t exist anymore!

(Tom ) #2

Thanks for this. Could you quote the actual post? Or send a link to the post?

(keithy) #3

Its in the overview as shown in the picture above

‘blog posts’

(Tom ) #4

Ah yes - thanks. Will report it.

(Caspar) #5

Good spot @keithy. Tom, it’s the description paragraph for the ‘Blog Discussions’ category, there’s a hyperlink to the blog which has moved since the forum was created.

(Tristan Thomas) #6

Just fixed this :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up!


@tristan @tomsr I forgot to report but found forum TOS still refer to Focus FS and Mondo… I guess time to ‘Find and Replace’ :slightly_smiling_face: