I listed a message to the forum but it’s not anywhere

Just testing really. I posted My first message to the forum and it’s not there. So just seeing if this works before typing it all out all over again!

This has worked! I believe the Coral Crew/Monzo have to approve your first comments/posts so that would be why there was a delay.


This would be correct although it’s Monzo staff not Coral Crew that can approve these.

It was put in place to stop the forum getting hit with spam from potential throw away.

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Yes its working now, I did not notice a popup saying it was moderated on my first post, but I did see it on this second one. And looks like it may be because it was my first in which case subsequent one get posted right away, so thats fine. I just didnt see it and its not listed on the posts I made, so I wondered if it even submitted. Be good if it showed it as submitted with a status of waiting moderation but it was no where to be seen. Anyway, fine now!

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