Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

(Michael) #244

Seem to recall that right now for existing members of the scheme it is £500 and that it would only increase once they have a full(er) set

(Hugh Wells) #245

It’s not something we’ve looked into, in detail, yet :slight_smile:


I think they’ll just keep pushing it back until cheques are gone

(Hugh Wells) #247

Nope, we do have plans to build this :+1:


Is the issue joining the cheque clearing company (or finding a partner) or a technical issue?

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #249

It was explained in the quote a few posts back. The next available “slot” is August 2019.


I was just interested what issue they were working through that meant it needed pushing back

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #251

Ahh OK. As you were!

(Hugh Wells) #252

As @tbutz said, it’s waiting for a slot for us to be on-boarded :slight_smile:


Or as I read it, Monzo have a slot in August, whether they decide to aim for it is another matter. Something else a millennial is interested in may be more important.


What was it that wasn’t buildable before the February slot

(Hugh Wells) #255

There just wasn’t engineering capacity available to get it all done for the February slot :slight_smile:


So hard getting an answer. I’m reading this as, we hadnt started it

(Nathan) #257

This is your answer… no matter what stage on the development lifecycle this feature was the decision was taken that the deadline would be missed with the available resource monzo had for this project in regards to the work remaining.


Monzo is all about transparency. I’m just asking how they’re getting on with it. Clearly they arent


Just because they are all about transparency, doesn’t mean they have to give all the details whenever they’re asked. I don’t think it works like that.

(Nathan Steer) #260

Not having the capacity available to finish isn’t the same thing as not having started…

(Hugh Wells) #261

I’m happy to try and answer specific questions here, but when we work with 3rd parties it isn’t always possible to share all the details :slight_smile:

In this case, we had begun preparatory work in scoping out the project and as Louis said before, we determined that there were more impactful projects we could complete with our finite engineering resources at that time. Ideally, we wouldn’t be waiting until August but that is the slot that’s available :+1:

(NM) #262

Out of interest are you building your OCR from scratch or using an opensource one?

(Hugh Wells) #263

Good question! I don’t think it’s something we’ve thought about a lot yet - it’s definitely on the radar though.

At the moment, the bulk of the work is in setting up with the Image Clearing Scheme and sorting out the nitty gritty details of IP ranges, Hardware Security Modules and plans for testing.