Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

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As I know there are opensource ones on Github(I haven’t tried them yet as no one in my house owns a cheque book at the moment!)
I wonder if you could adapt Google’s OCR…
As I suspected the majority of the work is the compliance/regulations/red tape

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Looks like I wasn’t far off. I hope it gets prioritised soon.

(Mustapha) #266

Is there a time indication for this to happen???

(Emma (still not the app)) #267



I do still get the odd cheque, had to get a car scrapped and the company paid me with a cheque for scrappage

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Woohoo. Looking forward for this feature.

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(Tom Ashworth ) #270

Just about to pay a cheque in and looking forward to the up and coming scan a cheque through the app feature.


Best idea! I am waiting!

(Oliver Weedon) #272

Any update on when this will come online? I know that putting it in an envelope is supposed to be easy but it’s infrequent enough that I forget the steps each time and just take it to Barclays instead & transfer it later. My other issue is the feeling of vulnerability in posting a cheque. It feels insecure.

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(Jordan) #273

Hi Oliver - unfortunately it has been taken off the road map and making Monzo. So whilst not “cancelled” per se it wont be a reality for quite a while to say the least.

There was a lot of debate and the information on it itself here: Making Monzo: Cheque Imaging

(Vaishali) #274

Monzo, I think you need reconsider where this sits on your priority list.
Lots of people still want this

(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #275

How many is lots?

Of the almost 2 million people who have signed up for Monzo accounts, what percentage of them is this a deal breaker for?

I think we need to remember that Monzo is trying to do a LOT of things all at once, so sometimes things get deprioritised. It may come back, it may not, but I’m presuming they are focusing on the needs of the majority of its uses.

So I’ll say that the majority of users don’t care about this feature. But I can’t quantify that either.

(Vaishali) #276

There is a poll somewhere on the forum.
And i was just saying it needs to be reconsidered, being a bank that has no branch having online cheque imagining would be really useful.
I hate cheques, but currently have 4 that i need to deposit because apparently the government and other companies still like them lol
I’ve managed to have the 3 banks that don’t have online cheque imagining, 2 of them with no branches :laughing:


It is the second most requested feature on the forum (using the vote ranking system)

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And how many people use the forum, how many votes did it get?

Out of 2000000 users… is my point.

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Yes but neither side can claim anything then.

A sample of Monzo users has voted it the second most important issue to them.
Just because it wasn’t 1 million and 1 users doesnt make it invalid

Do you have any evidence that people don’t want cheque imaging.

I get cheques in the post I dont ask for. Car had to be scraped was paid with a cheque. HMRC issue me a tax refund and sent a cheque despite the fact I tried to do it online.

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Exactly my point.

I didn’t say it was an invalid request either. Just that there is good reason why it’s a low priority.

And yes, I get cheques too. I’ve had to process… 3 or 4 in the past couple of years, so it’s a minor annoyance that I can live with.

But I’d still much rather Monzo built/fixed/finished about 10 other things first.

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