Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

(TWM) #224

I just paid a cheque into my B account using my phone camera, totally flawless experience…

(Hugh Wells) #225

Apologies for any delay in getting cheques processed over the holiday season :sweat:

In the last 7 days we’ve processed 2321 cheques which is around £650k. We’re continuing to process around 400 per day :sweat_smile:

It seems that cheque is still the preferred method to gift money!


No surprise there. There is something distinctly un-festive about a bank transfer (although I did resort to it this year!). Opening a card to find a cheque is more of a “gift”, although obviously it is a bit of a pain!

Perhaps Monzo could do some kind of eCard (like the animated Amazon ones) where the person clicks on the link, sees a festive message and can claim the money?


How many are still in the sack?


If only you had been able to set up photos before christmas. Sounds like it could of saved your staff a lot of time.

(Brandon Billingham) #229

Does this mean each data 400 cheques are being delivered?


Huh? Barclays have had it for well over a year I use it all the time…

(Emma (still not the app)) #231

Not in my app. One of those things they’ve rolled out to some but not all


Unfortunately it’s not rolled out to all Barclays accounts

(Rob) #233

Thankfully I didn’t receive any cheques this Christmas, started asking for John Lewis gift cards years ago partly to avoid getting cheques lol

(Alex Mayo) #234

I’m guessing it means that they had a large backlog they had to get through from Christmas? :slightly_smiling_face:

(Brandon Billingham) #235

I ask because they claim that they cleared the backlog several days prior to my cheque arriving hence why they can be sure they told me that my cheque arrived in the app the same day it did from the Royal Mail. I just don’t believe that it took Royal Mail almost 3 weeks to deliver a cheque and that it wasn’t actually just in a pile.


Either implies that or that there is such a large backlog from Christmas

I bet they regret not getting this done before Christmas.

At least they predict it will be done before Christmas 2019 (just)

(Richard Bairwell) #237

This sounds like a brilliant idea to me - they could also offer ‘gift card vouchers’ like Amazon (which received from my Mum this year) - comes with a scratch off 16 character code, go to monzo.com/redeem and then enter your bank account details to claim. Of course, there might have to be a small charge for the cards/postage, but it’ll be a good substitute for family cheques and the code could also say ‘XYZ sent you this gift of £xxx from their Monzo account - you can either send it to an existing UK or International bank account or signup for a Monzo account: which would you like to do?’

(Edward) #238

That high pitched whistling noise you hear is coming from the office of whoever at Monzo is responsible for KYC & AML.


This isn’t a million miles away from the send money by text or email function. Maybe add a PDF option, make it look a bit cheque like or something - or add birthday/Christmas/occasion customisations to it, then it’s a nice thing you can print and put in a card.


That’s why I kept am old Halifax a/c open.no great hassle.

(Dani Dudas) #241

Any updates on this? When will be this available in the app?


See here.

(Nikhil velani) #243

Hi louis,

Regarding cheque’s what would be the minimum & maximum value that you can bank using the image clearing system.