Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

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I really want to know did it take the Royal Mail 3 weeks? It seems very unlikely.

I’m asking for the date the post was stamped as received but cops are avoiding answering this question.

(Andy) #204

In the mean time you could easily open up a high street bank account and have it all ready to go before you get the new cheque and just scan it in and then transfer the funds!

(Richard Bairwell) #205

I had a similar thing, dropped off an envelope to the post office with two cheques with ‘FREEPOST MONZO’ in large block capitals on the front. On the back, on a small label over the seal, I put our address and sealed it with glittery tape… Next day on my doormat was the envelope - for some reason, RM decided the small text to top back of the envelope was the delivery address (even without a stamp!) and delivered it to the return address! I gave back to the postman (just caught him) and yesterday had notification that Monzo had received the cheques (they were posted around the 18th of December - in the meantime, Western Digital received my second class warranty returned hard drive and then sent out a replacement drive from Poland…).

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Which banks do mobile cheque deposit.


Do Nationwide?

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No, unfortunately. I think I saw it mentioned somewhere that they will. Presumably later this year.

(Andy) #208


*not a comprehensive list, just off top of my head


HSBC but not First Direct?

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Added a disclaimer :wink:

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I keep my Halifax account for this feature. It works amazingly.



First Direct website in 2017:

Soon you’ll also be able to pay cheques in using the first direct Mobile App. So if you use the App, you’ll send the image of your cheque to us directly. We’ll let you know when this feature has been launched.

Since then…silence. Oh to be a legacy bank customer.


Same with Barclays

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It was sat in a pile waiting to be processed :woman_shrugging:
They might not know, might just lock them safely away unopened til they have a chance to process them


Some Barclays accounts have it though, it’s being rolled out slowly it seems?


For sure but it’s been “rolling out” for years. The few times i’ve asked their customer service over the years it’s always been “the next update everyone will have it!” so seems their staff have no idea really


I have to say that FD as a branchless bank should be the leaders in online and mobile offerings. Sadly not.

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They claim the backlog was processed and completed Tuesday, so the fact I got a notification today means it came today, but I’m not convinced.

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Glad you said this as I was considering Barclays.


They’ve been telling everyone for years it’ll be available soon and it hasn’t been for most customers. I even had branch staff activate for me when I moved from a student account to a normal account and it’s still not available so god knows what Barclays are actually doing


No. Their website also implies that it’s not coming: :pensive:



Do I need to take a photo of a cheque to pay it in?

No. Simply write and deposit cheques in exactly the same way as you always have. Other banks or building societies may choose to introduce this feature in the future, but we have no plans to do this at the moment.

(Leon) #223

Likewise with Smile but they have no plans to do, just about anything really. I would bet First Direct will support it before Smile bank do.