Our plans to help you pay in cheques, just by taking a picture

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Most work remotely

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But what I’m saying is they’re confusing people and saying they definitely haven’t got it when there’s clearly a pile of cheques they have recieved from Royal Mail but haven’t even looked at yet.

Telling people that Royal Mail have probably lost it is a bit disingenuous.

(Jack) #185

We’re purely speculating here it’s probably best to go off what cops say. They may have manually got some to check or they do have a list ready to mark on peoples accounts.


I sent a cheque in October which was also lost.

Unfortunately my one was for a TV Licence refund so is proving difficult to get another.

Definitely recommend using another bank for cheques until Monzo have their cheque imaging system up and running (or dropping the cheque at Monzo’s offices if you live in London).

(Daniel White) #187

One of mine is a TV Licence refund as well, it was a 6 month battle to get it in the first place. No way will I get another one.


8 days (6 working days) is pretty poor for a cheque on Monzo’s part


Would be nice if Monzo could give an update on how imaging cheques is coming along

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They did…

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They did, less than a week ago

EDIT: Dammit Kieran! :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread was started in June 2018 and a lot of banks now a days both legacy and fintec have this.

edit August 2019 - at least we have a date but not great when a lot of banks have this or have introduced this
Monzo might be trying to shake things up but they need to keep up as well

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Wow, yeah that is a long wait.

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I posted some cheques to Monzo on the 27th Dec and got the “Received” notification today :slight_smile:

I personally don’t think that’s too bad considering the Christmas and holiday effects on Royal Mail and Monzo, as well as the size of the great Monzo Cheque In-tray :slight_smile:


I’ve found with Barclays cheque imaging I get access to the funds within a few hours so it’s not that bad.

I was curious about it and did ask about it when I was part of the trial and depending on your risk score they’ll give you access prior to it clearing.

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I’ve posted a couple of cheques before that were processed fine, and I didn’t include a undelivered address.

Anyway, I received a cheque for Christmas so pop it in an envelope. I’m not sure why exactly, I just had a bad feeling Royal Mail we’re going to reject the free post thing. So this time I added a return address.

Well, I’m glad I did! I had it posted back to me a couple of days later stamped by Royal Mail & undelivered. It very clearly has just the words “FREEPOST MONZO” on the front.

Not filled with confidence after that. Royal Mail is so unreliable.

(Brandon Billingham) #197

Got a notification today that they have my cheque. The cheque I asked the sender to cancel on the advise of Monzo because they did not have it. I struggle to believe it took the Royal Mail till today to deliver it. I think it’s likely Monzo had it and it was in the backlog despite saying otherwise.

So now need to wait for a new cheque, send again and repeat the process!

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They’ve finally got my cheque :boom:

Exactly 3 weeks after I posted it

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This is why I’m waiting a bit before sending mine

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This is why I still have my First Direct account.

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Was really quick last time I sent one. Avoid holiday periods is what I’ve now learned

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We need a status check bar as well :joy: