Other Accounts in Monzo = not useful ;(

Monzo card has a neat spending categorization and summary in the app. I hoped that the Premium feature that integrates my other bank cards with the Monzo app would give them the same kind of spending summaries. Unfortunately, for other cards the Monzo app only displays the same basic raw list I already have on my bank statement, so it doesn’t add any value.

Please, add ability to categorise and visualise other bank’s transactions together with Monzo transactions. I’d like complete overview of all my spending from all cards in one place.

Not useful to you.

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For now…

This is why Monzo built their own connection instead of the clunky one that other banks use. This will allow them to expand on it to build their own functionality which I believe is the plan.

What you want is already available from Emma (and others).

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Not being rude but that’s pretty obvious. The post by definition is going to be highly subjective.


Quite. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just stop it, this is ridiculously obnoxious posting. It’s basically trolling going round telling people to “deal with it” all the time. Just :zipper_mouth_face: if you haven’t got anything to say.

This OP is entirely valid and would actually be a reason I think a lot of people would stump up a fiver if they could see their credit cards and other accounts in the Monzo budgeting. (Rather than Yolt or Emma).


Well said :clap:


I don’t think you understand trolling is.

This feature is useful for lots of people.

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Sometimes less is more :smirk:

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Yes the feature is useful to lots of people. That’s not what you were saying, nor what I was saying.

By saying “Not useful to you” with the emphasis on you, it’s incredibly passive aggressive and basically insinuating that the OP should suck it up, quit complaining or asking for improvement to the current implementation. It’s incredibly rude and totally unnecessary hence the trolling even if not intentional.

Edit: Anyone please PM me if you want to discuss this post. Don’t use the flag system to mean “I disagree” if you think I’m being harsh.


Not really about how I feel, but it does improve the quality of the forums if it isn’t filled with these quips so it’s worth mentioning as I don’t think you realise how your writing style comes across if they haven’t seen your posts before. It’s incredibly hostile and confrontational, even more if they are new to forums. Even now in your replies, trying to say I don’t know what trolling is, dismissing it as a rant, or “makes you feel better”. It’s just not needed, please take a step back before posting and see how it might rub someone up the wrong way before hitting submit. :pray:


Thanks @phildawson, you’ve put it neatly and you’ve put it nicely. No need for anything further.

We don’t always need to be clever. :slightly_smiling_face:


Not when it comes to cake. :birthday: Yummy yummy cake!

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We are all guilty of that sometimes, as it’s sometimes hard to see other people as having feelings as we are not physically close to them. As it’s just as easy to upset your next door neighbour as it is to upset someone in a completely different continent on the Internet.

So of course we feel it doesn’t matter but it does. So we all at times need to slow down and take a deep breath and compose ourselves as hard as that may be in the heat of the moment.


Agreed, this is the no.1 thing I’d like from plus / premium


Please note there is another topic open which appears the same.
Please vote there.


Thanks for finding the topic. I’ve updated the post and voted there.

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At the end of the day, if your bank isn’t supported, people won’t pay for features they can’t use😋 that’s one of the reasons why I never signed up for plus/prem as there’s literally no use of those packaged accounts for me and I don’t want to be wasting money.

This just put me off purchasing premium. The categorisation of transactions in Monzo is not that useful to me as half my spending is on an Amex card. If the integration with Amex does nothing more than list the transactions then nothing has changed for me. Hopefully this gets added in the future.