Combined spending analysis for Monzo + third party accounts (via Monzo Plus)

I just signed up to Monzo Plus assuming I would get expenditure analysis of all my accounts together (e.g. categorisation, budget etc, without any differentiation between my AMEX credit card expenditure and my Monzo expenditure). This is how Emma and MoneyDashboard work. Unfortunately all I get for AMEX is a list of transactions with no categories or anything. This is basically the only reason I signed up for Monzo Plus :*(.

You can vote for it here

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See this: A final 2020 Monzo Plus update

It appears to be being worked on, but obviously no indication of when it will appear.

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You signed up to Plus based on an assumption of a facility being available?

They are not bank apps. They are budgeting/account aggregation apps.

I mean, just cancel Plus if it’s not for you. I think you’ll be refunded the £5 fee.

Yep I optimistically interpreted “other accounts, in Monzo” as meaning I would see third-party accounts in more or less the same way that I see Monzo accounts. Obviously I should have been more cautious.

I know I can cancel - this was meant as more of a feature request than a complaint.

Be sure to vote for it in the topic linked earlier then so we can keep all the votes together :slight_smile:

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Already did. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: