Bank transfers not included in categories

(Martin Jones) #1

I know this has been brought up a lot of times but are Monzo considering including bank transfers in budget categories.

Today i received compensation for a flight delay, as the money was sent through a bank transfer although I changed it to the holiday category it does not appear within my budget ie this payment should reduce my monthly allowance

Surely this can not be hard to rectify, surely it must be better just to include all payments/transfers in the budget then people have the option to exclude them from the budget if they wish

Why is it bank transfers are not included?

Monzo always want to know what we the customer would like to see and this is brought up all the time

Fixing this bug/issue will save Monzo money as I always ask people to any payment owed so it is included in budget but this cost Monzo per payment, as an investor I dont want to cost Monzo a penny more that what is required but until this is fixed its the only way to budget properly