Incoming payments should be accounted for in budget

For example, my monthly transport budget is £70 per month. Last week i spent £30 on an Uber, but my friends all transferred me their share of the money. I’m now being told that i’m over budget, but really i would still b in budget if these transfers were taken into account.
Labelling each incoming payment as transport should subtract this amount from my amount spent towards the transport category.

I think this depends how they pay you. If they pay you from a link it should categorize them correctly and the budget should work including them. If they just use your bank details it might not categorize them correctly. (I believe this might be one of the things looked at in the new budgetting work going on at the moment).

My friends all pay via bank details, but I can then categorise these payments as they should be. But the budgeting system doesn’t take incoming payments into account!

hmm as far as I know if these incoming payments end up in the right categories on your summary page it should work fine. Best to check if they’re within the categories at the top on the summary page, or if they’re under income further down. If they’re in income it wont take them into account. I think if they’re under the top categories it should work correctly.

Edit: yeah just confirmed its possible to ‘categorise’ income payments on the individual payments page but it doesn’t do anything within summary itself (the view you see once you’ve clicked the pie chart). It’s only if the incoming payments go under spending that it works correctly with budgets (which I think only really happens when its a payment)

I agree this would be useful. Hopefully it will be looked at when they work on the budgeting features.
In the short term you can exclude the original uber transaction from your spending review once its been paid off. This will prevent it from counting towards your budget.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

NB: currently incoming Monzo-to-Monzo payments are included in budgets, but bank transfers are not.


Did you use the bill splitting feature within Monzo?

This would impact budgeting as you desire.