Make payments from friends reimburse your budgets

I’m tired of being told I’ve used up, for example, my food and drinks budget. When in fact I’ve paid for my friends and they’ve paid me back at a later date, assuming they can’t split the bill via Monzo.

As an example:

I pay an £80 restaurant bill and that £80 is deducted from my food and drink budget. When my friends then pay me, let’s say, £60 back, why can’t that then go back into my food and drink budget? Even more frustrating because incoming transfers are given categories but still don’t effect the budgets!

It’s an often requested feature, and I’m baffled as to why it hasn’t been implemented.

The only work around at the moment is to either increase your budget, or use some third party budgeting app.

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An earlier post has a lot more votes, currently at number 17 in the long list of feature changes/requests;


I know a workaround is not quite the same as a good and proper solution, but I have set up a “not me” custom category and I put anything I’ve been reimbursed by someone for into that.