Changes to Notifications

I get notifications on every I spend however I don’t need to know about the odd pence I spend so would love for Monzo to let you add some sort of limit you want your spend notifications to start from and other things like that…

  • Change Spend Notifications
  • Change DD/Schedule Payments notifications

And anything else others may want.

I just think spending like 85p is ridiculous for a notification. So would like this change seen

Devils advocate here: A lot of online fraud starts with a very small transaction, essentially confirming that your card is active. I’d want to see that notification and, as there is no way to tell that from a ‘non-fraud’ transaction, then I’m happy to get a notification when I spend 70p on my breakfast in the morning.

(I actually agree that a ‘user customisable limit’ would be beneficial, then it’s up to me if I want to run that risk or not).


I agree - I would prefer to see all monies leaving the account. R-


I might be on my own here but I’ve had to turn off the payment notifications.

I don’t want to know every time I’ve spent £4 on my lunch in Asda.

I want to know my bills have been paid (pots are fantastic btw) Makes life so much easier.

I want to know when my salary has been paid (or is available :stuck_out_tongue:)

I want to know about large card transactions (as they are more likely to be dodgy)

People might want one for every transaction.

Any chance the ability to separate them or set a limit that says only notify over a certain amount?