Opening of business account

Good Morning,

I would like to find out how long the “specialists” take to review an account please. I have applied to open a Business Pro account and sent through all the required documents but the only feed back I get is that the “Specialists” are going through everything. I have explained in my first email that I require a business account urgently in order for Braintree payments to get set up for my business, which is a subscription based social media app. Urgent feed back would be appreciated

It takes as long as it takes. The length of time will be entirely dependent on the individual circumstances of your application.

No one here will know how long your application will take, even if they know how long their own application took.


My business account was active the same day.

So you fell into the 63% @Revels posted above and the OP - if they’re accepted will fall into the 99%. Statistics.

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