OpenBanking service that offers API?

(appreciate this is not specific to Monzo but I figured developers probs hang out here)

One of the things I thought open banking would bring would be to allow consumers to tap into their own banking data across all accounts/financial institutions, but it seems you need to go through a third party instead - which seems wrong to me as, as we know with MoneyDashboard et al. - the rug can be pulled at any moment as they go bust or change business models.

Does anyone know of a service that

  1. Aggregates all accounts from all banks who support OB
  2. Offers this as an API for you to ingest
  3. Doesn’t sell your data for marketing?

It’s been a while so I don’t know if it’s still possible but I was using Truelayer’s free testing account in the past to grab numbers from various accounts.

I use gocardless in combination with Actual

Although you could just use gocardless directly without the use of Actual.

Stripe have entered this space. US only for now in public beta, but I’m involved in a beta for OB initiated payments in the UK, so except the rest to follow.

I’m shifting from moneydashboard - and it looks like moneyhub enables me to download transactions for all my linked accounts - but their API is only available to business customers :frowning:

So I’d still have to manually grab the transactions - but at least in one place. Its frustrating seeing the data in the monzo app but no ability to export or read with the API