Personal Access to Open Banking APIs


I want to build some applications for personal use using the Monzo API. It looks like the Open Banking APIs are a lot more powerful than the old ones that Monzo have provided for a few years now.

Is there any chance that people will be able to use the Open Banking APIs for their own personal usage? Failing that, are you planning to improve the current APIs so that they are as powerful as the Open Banking APIs.

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‘Open’ in government terms is ‘give us a suitcase full of cash’. Basically zero chance of an ordinary person getting access to it.

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You need to be registered with the FCA in order to utilise the Open Banking APIs to build your own application :slight_smile:

Such a shame :frowning:

That is a bit frustrating, but I guess there is little that can be done to change that.

I seems a bit crazy to me that third parties can access your data via these APIs, but individuals can’t access their own data.

Are there any services out there that are regulated by the FCA that will act as a kind of “proxy” so that you can access your data via open banking APIs.

Also, are there legal restrictions that stop Monzo from offering individuals from accessing their data via the open banking API? If that’s the case, why do those same restrictions allow me access to my data via the existing APIs?

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EDIT It turns out that truelayer have a developer api that people are free to sign up to for creating their own personal applications.


I agree the lack of a mechanism for account holders to get read only API access to thier own accounts is a problem

I currently use Plaid, who I’d actually like to be able to pay (same as a business would, thier pay as you go rates seem fair to me), but all they can do is allow a free developer account(which while it meets my needs, can’t help but worry they’d be justified in pulling plug whenever, when they realise they won’t ever make money from me)

Certainly if a read only plaid or true layer API for all my (open banking enabled) accounts was a paid feature or part of plus in Monzo, I’d be up for paying for it or making Monzo my main current account

The issue Plaid had was that my usage of the APIs could be interpreted as me being an AISP (because I display the data). The fact I only display data about my accounts(and I don’t have open banking access to accounts other than those in my sole name) to me, doesn’t strictly matter regs wise

Plaid is now owned by Visa, so I’m not sure that whether or not they offer paid accounts for individuals will make much difference. I have a feeling that their future direction will be influenced much more by Visa’s strategic considerations.