Provide Banking Open API access

Any new FinTech should provide access to data via the new Banking Open API.


They do, but to get access to it it you have to give the FSA rather a lot of money and become accredited.

You didn’t think ‘open’ meant the likes of you and me could use it did you? :slight_smile:

Monzo also has their own open API that we can use (currently read only).


You mean the FCA :wink:

I was referring to the

A standard way to access accounts etc


Are you stating Monzo should or every bank should? Your statement was a little vague.

Benoit, have a read of the API blog post from earlier in the year.

We expect design of the Open Banking API to finish later this year. At the moment, it’s unclear whether all UK banks, or only the nine largest will be required to implement this API. But we may if it’s a good standard and our customers will benefit.

But there’s a lot more detail in the post on their API plans.

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Yes, that’s the one.

Curious why you’re asking. Are you interested in writing an application using it? You’ll need to be registered as an AISP. If you have an existing application you want to communicate with Monzo, they’ll have to be registered.

For everyone else, the monzo API is what you need.


As a Bank, I would like Monzo to be open with my data (under my control of course). My accounting package should be able to download my statements from Monzo or Natwest or Barclayscard etc and I could use some application to have a single view of my finances across providers.

I should have been clearer.

Probably not going to happen under open banking due to the requirements to get access to it (theoretically if your accounting package is hosted online by an accredited company, but the way you word it implies a local install).

Open banking is not ‘open’ in the sense that ordinary people use the word. It means banks and other financial institutions can share data.


You could use Monzo’s webhooks to push transactions into your accounting package?