Centralised Money Management Functionality


Firstly apologies if this is outside the remit of Monzo or has been mentioned before.

Like most people I have various accounts (both current and credit). Most of my spending is done through my credit card with one off transactions to pay the bill in full. Now comes the feature request… Allowing read access through open banking API’s (like Monzo have configured and not the horrible give us your username / password combination some money management applications ask for) so that the Monzo application can see all transactions across those cards, allow a simple filter to show which card’s transactions should be displayed (i.e. all, Monzo only or a subset of ticked). This way this transactional data could be processed by Monzo and analysed like all other Monzo purchases. This can then be extrapolated out to cover pensions, mortgages etc. I realise this sounds a lot like Yolt but it also seems to tie in with the marketplace concept.

It would benefit users as they would be able to see and have purchasing analysed. Similarly, it would benefit Monzo as they would have more transactional data available to them.

If it were done I would like to see Monzo stand by the authorisation mechanisms and enforce the use of Open Banking rather than the username / password combo (even if it means slower adoption).

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You might want to have a look at Emma?


I’d like this. Would be nice for credit cards, and I’d prefer everything in Monzo even if it’s just read only. I hate having an app for each and every function.


I think this will come, but will be at least a year. In the meantime, Moneyhub is excellent, and includes Monzo spend. It’s a tenner a year though.


Yolt does this and has intergration with Open Banking (for the banks that have it already). I’ve got it linked to all of my bank accounts and it works pretty well. It works for credit cards too as far as I’m aware.