API Access to Linked Account balance and transactions - moneydashboard alternative

I’m currently looking for alternatives for MoneyDashboard that recently closed - it had the ability to download and categorise transactions from all my accounts in one go. it essentially worked as an openbanking aggregator.

Just going through the API documentation it only seems possible to request balances / transactions from my Monzo account.

Is it possible / likely to be possible in the future that the API will be allowed to see the info for external linked accounts ? Its all there in the App - but I can’t export the transactions to either google sheets or request with the API.

This would be a feature I’d be willing to pay for and would drive adoption - especially from folks migrating from MoneyDashboard

After Reading through the forum it appears the same feature has been requested several times:

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Yes, this would be amazing, and I commented on one of the threads you linked a year ago.

You may have noticed a post from a member of the Monzo team about 18 months, who said that it isn’t possible “yet”, yet I’ve seen no API changes announced once since I’ve been using it.

As far as I am aware, no new features have been added :crying_cat_face: